"Pop Scripture Songs is a powerfully effective way to get God's truth into your mind. I encourage parents to get these songs and use them diligently in your home. Listen to them, talk about them together, let their truth soak into your souls!"
Carey Green

"In 3 days, my kids and I learned 12 verses! My favorite part is that EVERY word is Scripture, and that's what sticks in your mind."
Shala Nolan
Children's Curriculum Author, Alpharetta GA

"It's a fun, easy way to teach kids Bible verses, and they're songs kids AND parents actually want to listen to!"
Rebekah Joiner
ReThink/Orange/Amber Sky Records

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The Band

  • Noah

    Guitars, Drums, Vocals

  • Dove

    Bass Guitar, Vocals

  • Promise Joy

    Vocals, Band Photography

  • Jett

    Drums, Vocals

  • Russell


  • Sommer

    Keyboards, Vocals